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Waxing Treatment


The health and safety of waxing treatments

Waxing is a procedure used to temporarily remove unwanted hair. It removes hair with its roots, not just at the skin surface as with shaving. Regrowth of the hair takes 3 to 6 weeks..

Waxing is available for: Full Face, Chest, Stomach, Arms, Legs, and Intimate.

2 Types of Waxing Treatment:

  • Warm: Wax is warmed, enabling it to be spread easily over the skin. As the wax cools, it tightly grasps the hair. When the wax is quickly removed, hair is removed along with the wax.
  • Cold: Cold waxes are attached to strips. The cold wax is patted onto the skin. Wax that is still left on the skin must be peeled or scratched off.

Who should not receive a waxing treatment?

  • Recent wax treatments or shaving

    Have you had a wax treatment or have you shaved recently? If so, wait 3 to 4 weeks after your last wax treatment or shaving. ¼ inch of hair growth is required to properly wax legs, underarms, and the bikini area

  • Users of Accutane

    Have you taken Accutane in the last 12 months? If so, you cannot receive a waxing service until you stop using it for at least 12 months

  • Users of other medications

    Have you used any of the following prescription medications in the past 3 months?
    Adapalane, Alustra, Avage, Avita, Differin, Isotretinoin, Renova, Retin A, Tazarac, Tazarotene, Tretinoin

    If so, you cannot receive a waxing service until you stop using it for at least 12 months

  • Recipients of certain skin treatmentss
    • If you’ve had a physician-administered peel, wait 2 years before your waxing treatment
    • If you’ve had laser skin resurfacing, wait 12 months before your waxing treatment.
    • If you’ve had a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion, wait 7 days before your waxing treatment

Who might experience more sensitivity?

  • Women who wax their bikini area the week prior to or during menstruation might have heightened sensitivity.
  • Are you currently using any of the following acne medications or treatments? These products can make the skin more sensitive. Thin, sensitive skin is more vulnerable to lifting and sensitivity during waxing.
  • Oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, retinol, salycylic acid, skin exfoliants, alpha hydroxy acids

What areas cannot be waxed?

  • sunburned areas
  • irritated areas
  • Moles

Before you visit us for waxing

  • If your hair is longer than ¼ inch, trim it so that the waxing is more comfortable and possible complications are avoided
  • Wash and dry your skin thoroughly, removing any lotions or oils which could prevent the wax from adhering closely to the skin

After your waxing

  • Keep the waxed area protected from direct sunlight for 12 hours.
  • No sunbathing or tanning treatments for 48 hours.
  • No hot baths, hot tubs, or community pools for 24 hours.
  • No harsh abrasives, cleansers, or creams for 24 hours.
  • For underarm hair removal, no deodorants for 24 hours.
  • Do not exfoliate the skin for 3 days, do scrub after 3 days waxing to help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Should irritation occur, use an antibiotic ointment, aloe vera, or hydrocortisone cream to keep the area moist and to avoid infection and scabbing..


    Service Type     Service Category  Price
FACE Forehad
Upper Lips
Rp. 40.000,-
Rp. 35.000,-
Rp. 35.000,-
Full Front
Full Back

Rp. 55.000,-
Rp. 50.000,-
Rp. 90.000,-
Rp. 90.000,-
Under Arms
Half Arms
Full Arms

Rp. 45.000,-
Rp. 65.000,-
Rp. 85.000,-
Rp. 30.000,-

Rp. 95.000,-
Rp. 105.000,-
Rp. 55.000,-
Half Legs
Full Legs

Rp. 75.000,-
Rp. 105.000,

* prices are subject to change